• Changelog for 12/09/2021

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ Sunday 12, 2021

    Update render

    New Features

    • move multiple nodes at once (see issue #6)
    • select nodes with ctrl or shift key, this has the same behavior as the Unreal Engine Editor
    • support macOS touchpad (see issue #61)
      • use ctrl to move blueprint (like Unreal Engine Editor)
    • support mobile interaction (see issue #62)
      • moving the blueprint is possible after a longpress (after 150ms)
      • fix pinch


    • update the minimum height of the iframe to 250px
    • update the way we calculate the initial position


    • fix crash on missing definition in graph object
    • fix tooltip display
    • fix copy nodes event, now you can:
      • copy text inside input
      • copy selected nodes
      • copy text when you have selected nodes but the rendering is not focused

    Technical stuff

    • remove old js dependencies
    • remove deprecated js properties
    • change blueprint render declaration for future options
    • update css naming
    • update js / css for future features

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