• Changelog for 20/02/2022

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ Sunday 20, 2022

    Update render

    Add new lexer/parser for reading props for pins and nodes.


    • add support for int64, double, soft-class, soft-object 2022-02-20-int64-before-after.png
    • fix: show correct color at the top of SET node 2022-02-20-set-color-before-after.png
    • fix: better support of NSLOCTEXT and LOCGEN_FORMAT_NAMED 2022-02-20-l11n-before-after.png
    • fix: show correct pin color for transform, rotator, vector 2022-02-20-struct-before-after.png
    • fix: remove insignificant 0 in float input 2022-02-20-float-before-after.png

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