Possess Character Blueprint infront of you (LineTrace) to take control of it

  • Exposure: public
  • UE Version: 4.27


January 6, 2023, 11:47 pm

Click the button above, it will automatically copy blueprint in your clipboard. Then in Unreal Engine blueprint editor, paste it with ctrl + v


  • WarLordY

    January 6, 2023, 11:54 pm

    Transfer this blueprint logic into your key press blueprint.

    Goal: Key press possesses the "Character Blueprint" infront of you (LineTrace) to take control of it.

    Character Blueprint needs to have a MOVEMENT COMPONTENT and a MOVEMENT LOGIC in the EventGraph. Otherwise you can't move the character. Furthermore it needs a CAMERA COMPONTENT to get third or first person view.

    Create a BLUEPRINT CHILD (right click on Character Blueprint > Blueprint Child). Here copy/paste MOVEMENT COMPONTENT + EventGraph + Camera from UE4 default ThirdPerson Template of Character Blueprint.

  • WarLordY

    January 7, 2023, 12:25 am

    copy/paste into UE4 editor VARIABLES to get "IsMoving?".

    BPVar(VarName="IsMoving?",VarGuid=EADB2B804BB9561D208529A0DAACBB8F,VarType=(PinCategory="bool",PinSubCategory="",PinSubCategoryObject=None,PinSubCategoryMemberReference=(MemberParent=None,MemberName="",MemberGuid=00000000000000000000000000000000),PinValueType=(TerminalCategory="",TerminalSubCategory="",TerminalSubCategoryObject=None,bTerminalIsConst=False,bTerminalIsWeakPointer=False,bTerminalIsUObjectWrapper=False),ContainerType=None,bIsReference=False,bIsConst=False,bIsWeakPointer=False,bIsUObjectWrapper=False),FriendlyName="Is Moving?",Category=NSLOCTEXT("KismetSchema", "Default", "Default"),PropertyFlags=65541,RepNotifyFunc="",ReplicationCondition=COND_None,MetaDataArray=((DataKey="MultiLine",DataValue="true")),DefaultValue="False")