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Unreal Engine Version: 4.19

This graph randomly chooses a color for every region on any creature when buff is applied. This particular applies it from an arrow.

Boolean Changed needs to have save game enabled.
Array Random Color also needs to have save game enabled.
Random Color is a rep notify array, and sets itself to have it fire the notify related function. The notify function passes the server side variable color data to all clients.
There is a fail safe check on the Coloring event to ensure the array is large enough to get index 5. This is to prevent server crashing.
You must Get from the Coloring Event like I have done and drag it to it's destination.
You will want to make the buff persistent and uncheck prevent saving aswell(in the buff defaults tab).

Part 2, On Rep Random Color function, see here

Huge thanks to lethalaffliction for helping me improve this graph!

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