Feedbacks reorganization

Written By Rancoud @ March 13, 2021

Feedbacks were disabled on site and moved on GitHub.
Roadmap has been created with said feedbacks.

Changelog for 13/07/2020

Written By Rancoud @ July 13, 2020

Update Website

Changelog for 28/06/2020

Written By Rancoud @ June 28, 2020

Update Website

Changelog for 15/06/2020

Written By Rancoud @ June 16, 2020

Update Website

Changelog for 05/06/2020

Written By Rancoud @ June 5, 2020



Blueprints embedded in

Written By Rancoud @ June 23, 2019

It’s a pleasure to announce that BlueprintUE is used in managed by @sertacogan

UE4wiki is about Unreal Engine Turkish community.
There is 3 sections :

I want to thanks Sertaç Ogan about is reactivity on this integration, official chinese version

Written By Rancoud @ June 22, 2019

Some months ago I was contacted by Ning Hu, ex former Epic Games China Community Manager, because was sometimes unavailable from China.
After several exchanges we decide to make a mirror website based in China compatible with their rules.
Now the Unreal Engine chinese community can enjoy website in the best possible conditions at

Website is fully autonomous and independent, no data is shared between .com and .cn.
Service is managed by Ning Hu.
For you, users of BlueprintUE, there is no changes.

We welcome Chinese users and hope they will enjoy the service.

We made an interview between Ning Hu and me about it:

Change your passwords – Changer vos mots de passes

Written By Rancoud @ July 11, 2018




Yesterday, we noticed that a person had exploited a vulnerability related to the system of sending of image (used only for avatars and thumbnails).

This one has managed to fill the upload folder in order to make phishing for Netflix.

After analysis we did not find any other intrusions but we remain attentive to all activities during these next days.

We also removed the image sending system temporarily as soon as we noticed the intrusion, it will come back once the patch is applied.

We recommend you to change your passwords from as well as sites with the same password.

We remain at your disposal on Twitter @Rancoud if you have other questions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.





Hier, nous avons remarqué qu’une personne avait exploité une vulnérabilité liées au système d’envoi d’image (utilisé uniquement pour les photos de profil et miniature de blueprint).

Celui-ci à donc réussi à remplir le dossier d’upload dans le but de faire du phishing à l’image de Netflix.

Après analyse nous n’avons constaté aucune autres intrusions mais nous restons attentif à toutes activité lors de ces prochains jours.

Nous avons également retiré le systeme d’envoi d’image temporairement dès que nous avons remarqué l’intrusion, celui-ci reviendra une fois le correctif appliqué.

Nous vous recommendons tout de même par sécurité de changer vos mots de passe de ainsi que les sites ayant le même mot de passe.

Nous restons à votre écoute sur Twitter @Rancoud si vous avez d’autres question.

Désolé pour le désagrément.

Patch Notes

Written By Rancoud @ February 7, 2018




Edit / Delete Comments

Written By Rancoud @ February 7, 2018

Now you can edit and delete your comments.

When you edit a comment, you will see the last date of edition after the date of posting.

When you delete a comment with no replies, it will be removed.

When you delete a comment with replies, the content is replaced by “This comment has been deleted by user.”.
After that action you can’t edit and can’t reply to this comment.


Integration of HiveMP SDK

Written By Rancoud @ February 4, 2018

BlueprintUE will now recognize nodes from HiveMP SDK

Source :


Award from Unreal Dev Grants

Written By Rancoud @ January 31, 2018 has received an award from Epic Games on 16 january 2018. is a tool that enables developers to copy and paste their Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints as text to the web and see the logic visually. The useful tool eases the process of sharing Blueprint snippets online and is popular among UE4 developers.

Source :

New dev blog section!

Written By Rancoud @ January 31, 2018

First of all let me present myself.
I’m Sébastien Rancoud and I’m the creator of

This section will cover all the news, features and progress about it.

If you are a company and you are interested about it, you can contact me on this page : Contact