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I started to love videogames at the age of four. Since then I tried to learn how to develop them, starting from Game Maker, Blender, SketchUp and then CryEngine.

Because of my deep interest in technology, growing up, I specialized in IT obtaining an high school diploma in Electronics.

At first I thought that my way was to become a game programmer, but, later on, I understood that it wasn’t enough, so I combined my passion for drawing with my studies in IT and started Event Horizon School as a 3D Artist.

Right now I am currently working at Dramatic Iceberg as one of its founders and core members.

After making my first few games I realized that I love to experiment and discover almost every 3D Art field.
I'm actually specialized in Technical Art, Rigging and love to sculpt characters. I'm also an animator, but I don't like to take that title compared to my other fields of experience.

I'm actually working as 3D Technical Artist at Dramatic Iceberg.

When I'm not working on videogames, I'm a teacher at Event Horizon School for the 3D Game Art course.

Apart from that I really like to draw comics and I play the piano and electric guitar since I was a child.


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