• Add Metasound Support

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ May 24, 2022

    New type supported: Metasound

    Unreal Engine 5 has an experimental plugin called Metasound.
    It is intended for procedural music generation and was featured in the Ancient Valley demo.

    For blueprintUE render, it introduced:

    • 3 new pin types: trigger, audio, time
    • list the possible labels and values of each enum
    • a select field for each enum (for all values), instead of having a simple "integer" entry.
    • new node design for this specific type of blueprint

    For blueprintUE website, it introduced:

    You can check out these 2 blueprints to see how it renders:

    However I found some problems that can't be solved at the moment:

    • variable name and external meta sound graph name are not exported
    • knob and slider widgets are not exported