• Changelog for 19/02/2023

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ February 19, 2023

    Update render


    • better reroute node (not perfect with loop)
  • Twitter Authentification (maybe) shutdown 9th February 2023

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ February 2, 2023

    Today, 2nd February, TwitterDev announced Twitter API will be no longer free

    Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead
    Link to TwitterDev tweet

    Right now I don't have pricing, Twitter will normally release it next week, but I'm not excited about giving my credit card.

    How blueprintUE is affected?

    Login and Registration with button "Continue with Twitter" will (maybe) stop working.

    picture of the button for those who don't know where it was
    picture of the button for those who don't know where it was

    This button is called SSO (Single Sign On) and use a system called OAuth (Open Authentification).
    It is quite standard to implement them, but for Twitter it uses the Twitter API v1.1 which will no longer be free.

    Okay, but what happens after February 9, 2023?

    If your account has only Twitter linked, you will not be able to login again.
    So to avoid that problem you need to add a password to your account.

    Step By Step: How to keep my account?

    1. Login with Twitter before 9th February 2023
    2. Go to your profile
    3. Click on edit your profile
    4. Scroll down to find the form for setting your password
    5. Logout
    6. Try to login with your username and password
    7. If success you are good, otherwise repeat the process

    above a little video step by step

  • Uasset Reader in javascript

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ November 12, 2022

    Uasset Reader JS is available on GitHub: https://github.com/blueprintue/uasset-reader-js

    Read and extract informations of .uasset files from Unreal Engine in javascript.

    Live Demo: https://blueprintue.com/tools/uasset-reader.html

    Current State: need to know how to read the Export Data part.

    Feel free to contribute.

    Link text Here

  • blueprintUE theme switcher

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ June 12, 2022

    New website feature

    You can switch between dark and light mode.

  • Add Metasound Support

    rancoud avatar Written by rancoud @ May 24, 2022

    New type supported: Metasound

    Unreal Engine 5 has an experimental plugin called Metasound.
    It is intended for procedural music generation and was featured in the Ancient Valley demo.

    For blueprintUE render, it introduced:

    • 3 new pin types: trigger, audio, time
    • list the possible labels and values of each enum
    • a select field for each enum (for all values), instead of having a simple "integer" entry.
    • new node design for this specific type of blueprint

    For blueprintUE website, it introduced:

    You can check out these 2 blueprints to see how it renders:

    However I found some problems that can't be solved at the moment:

    • variable name and external meta sound graph name are not exported
    • knob and slider widgets are not exported