• Uasset Reader in javascript

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ November 12, 2022

    Uasset Reader JS is available on GitHub: https://github.com/blueprintue/uasset-reader-js

    Read and extract informations of .uasset files from Unreal Engine in javascript.

    Live Demo: https://blueprintue.com/tools/uasset-reader.html

    Current State: need to know how to read the Export Data part.

    Feel free to contribute.

    Link text Here

  • blueprintUE theme switcher

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ June 12, 2022

    New website feature

    You can switch between dark and light mode.

  • Add Metasound Support

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ May 24, 2022

    New type supported: Metasound

    Unreal Engine 5 has an experimental plugin called Metasound.
    It is intended for procedural music generation and was featured in the Ancient Valley demo.

    For blueprintUE render, it introduced:

    • 3 new pin types: trigger, audio, time
    • list the possible labels and values of each enum
    • a select field for each enum (for all values), instead of having a simple "integer" entry.
    • new node design for this specific type of blueprint

    For blueprintUE website, it introduced:

    You can check out these 2 blueprints to see how it renders:

    However I found some problems that can't be solved at the moment:

    • variable name and external meta sound graph name are not exported
    • knob and slider widgets are not exported
  • Unreal Engine 5 is out! State of blueprintUE?

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ April 5, 2022

    Unreal Engine 5 is out!

    As you may have seen during Epic Games' keynote, Unreal Engine 5 is now officially released.
    This comes with a new community site called Dev Community: https://dev.epicgames.com/community/

    This site allows you to create and share tutorials and snippets.
    The snippets part is called the Snippets Repository: https://dev.epicgames.com/community/snippets.
    You can share several types of content on the same post and especially blueprints.
    By the way, you may have noticed that some blueprints have a renderer.

    Now I can tell you, this renderer is indeed from blueprintUE.

    State of blueprintUE?

    When you see that news you may wonder if blueprintUE still has a point to exist.
    Yes, the service continues to exist, the renderer will receive evolutions that will be proposed for the Snippets Repository.

    Also all the actuals features of the site will always remain present and free as well as the anonymous part for blueprintUE.

    On the personal side, I am extremely happy to have participated in the provision of the renderer for the Dev Community.

  • Changelog for 13/03/2022

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ March 13, 2022

    Update render


    • add support for Vector2D


    • remove insignificant 0 in real and double inputs