• Changelog for 27/02/2022

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ February 27, 2022

    Update render


    • add support for real
    • add support for vector3f
  • Changelog for 20/02/2022

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ February 20, 2022

    Update render

    Add new lexer/parser for reading props for pins and nodes.


    • add support for int64, double, soft-class, soft-object 2022-02-20-int64-before-after.png
    • fix: show correct color at the top of SET node 2022-02-20-set-color-before-after.png
    • fix: better support of NSLOCTEXT and LOCGEN_FORMAT_NAMED 2022-02-20-l11n-before-after.png
    • fix: show correct pin color for transform, rotator, vector 2022-02-20-struct-before-after.png
    • fix: remove insignificant 0 in float input 2022-02-20-float-before-after.png
  • blueprintUE C++ Plugin is available on GitHub

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ December 6, 2021

    blueprintUE C++ Plugin

    blueprintUE C++ Plugin is available on GitHub: https://github.com/blueprintue/blueprintue-cpp-plugin

    This plugin allows you to send your blueprints on blueprintUE.com associated to your account.
    It is necessary to have an account in order to get the API key on your profile page.

    Feel free to contribute.

    Works on Unreal Engine 4.26 , 4.27.

  • Changelog for 22/10/2021

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ October 22, 2021

    Update render

    Collapse graph inspection example

    New features

    • add breadcrumb in top bar
    • collapse graph are now supported and can be inspect with doubleclick
    • copy collapse graph from render to Unreal work for all Unreal Engine version


    • fix link not drawing after doing a expand/reduce
    • remove default value for pin when filled
    • change how finding initial position

    Technical stuff

    • update top bar for new breadcrumb
    • replace all url images with base64
  • Changelog for 12/09/2021

    Rancoud avatar Written by Rancoud @ September 12, 2021

    Update render

    New Features

    • move multiple nodes at once (see issue #6)
    • select nodes with ctrl or shift key, this has the same behavior as the Unreal Engine Editor
    • support macOS touchpad (see issue #61)
      • use ctrl to move blueprint (like Unreal Engine Editor)
    • support mobile interaction (see issue #62)
      • moving the blueprint is possible after a longpress (after 150ms)
      • fix pinch


    • update the minimum height of the iframe to 250px
    • update the way we calculate the initial position


    • fix crash on missing definition in graph object
    • fix tooltip display
    • fix copy nodes event, now you can:
      • copy text inside input
      • copy selected nodes
      • copy text when you have selected nodes but the rendering is not focused

    Technical stuff

    • remove old js dependencies
    • remove deprecated js properties
    • change blueprint render declaration for future options
    • update css naming
    • update js / css for future features