[City of Thebes] ObjectToMove_BP

  • Exposure: public
  • UE Version: 4.17


July 27, 2018, 10:45 pm

<hr>Moving ObjectsA highly flexible all-purpose Blueprint used as the basis of just about all moving game objects in City of Thebes. It allows objects to be affected in a variety of ways in-game, either by interacting with another object (generally a linked instance of ObjectMoveSwitch_BP) or with the object directly.

The Blueprint includes support for activation through one or a combination of switches, automatic continual movement without player activation, the ability to control object collision and/or visibility, single- and bi-directional movement and rotation, and the ability to reverse movement or rotation on an object/switch interaction (used to drive elevators up and down, and platforms back and forth under player control).

Documentation can be found here:

Click the button above, it will automatically copy blueprint in your clipboard. Then in Unreal Engine blueprint editor, paste it with ctrl + v