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  • UE Version: 4.23

Sebastien Butor

January 20, 2021, 9:53 pm

This blueprint sample is a group of methods and events to implement a climbing system in a parkour game. This is part of a game I've worked on, "Lights Orb".

There are 3 main methods / Graphs :

  • The Height Tracer Method (in green), used to check for a climbable surface, and also process extra information (climbing type, crouched climbing...)
  • TheClimb Ledge Events and Timelines (in blue), used to update the climbing animation including character movement and camera movements.
  • TheUpdate Climbing Movement (in red), used to update the character's location while climbing. This method also checks for player input, in order to interrupt the climbing animation earlier and give back control. All those systems allows for a pretty smooth implementation, able to handle a whole bunch of situations.
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January 20, 2021
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