ARK – Basic Projectiles Path for Dino_BP

  • Exposure: public
  • UE Version: 4.5


July 18, 2019, 11:58 pm

This BP uses the default attacks keys for shoots 3 projectiles... can edit and put all you need!

KEYS OF SWITCH: // 0 = MouseRightClic // 1 = MouseLeftClic // 2 = "C" key //

Need this in Dino_BP on Components Mode: box_shooter1 , box_misile_r1 , box_misile_l2 (simple "Box")

and Need copy or put in the projectile_bp from "ProjRocket" and from tekRifle "ProjTekRifle"

Click the button above, it will automatically copy blueprint in your clipboard. Then in Unreal Engine blueprint editor, paste it with ctrl + v