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  • UE Version: 4.17


July 27, 2018, 10:42 pm

<hr>#### Procedural LaddersSet dressers were originally alt-dragging ladder sections around, manually snapping them together to get a more varied look. On a rare free weekend I whipped up a construction script to generate them procedurally using the existing meshes, speeding up the process and saving folks a massive headache.

The script takes the ladder sections in an array of static meshes, calculates the section height based on component bounds, and places a random index value at appropriate intervals along a user-input height. The original intention was to have set dressers drag a ladder Blueprint into the level and drag an invisible-in-game platform to the intended end height, but a UE4 engine bug prevented this from working. As a workaround, the script has a draggable height value in the details panel that still allows for quick adjustment on the fly.

The collider, as well as the top and bottom locators for player step-on/step-off snapping, are set dynamically based on height and placement. There is also an option to swap the procedural setup for a static mesh, so that custom-modeled single ladders can be used.

Documentation can be found here:

See also: Ladder_BP

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