[City of Thebes] HeroChar_BP > SetTrap

  • Exposure: public
  • UE Version: 4.17


July 27, 2018, 11:13 pm

<hr>#### Setting TrapsA function in HeroChar_BP, the character class that governs both player-driven characters and computer-controlled hero opponents, used to place traps on the ground in front of them.It works by calculating a goal point a set distance in front of the character, and then running a line trace from the character's waist to that location. If the hit result is a walkable surface, the trace returns that location and checks if that location is a null zone (player-created locations where traps cannot be placed) or an existing trap that cannot mix with the one being laid down. If these conditions are passed, the trap is given a pseudo-random rotation and checks the cost of the trap against the player's current scrap count, then spawns a trap of the appropriate variety and deducts the cost from the player's scrap.

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