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I post modular BP chunks here that I build during my projects, especially if I think it has alot of reusable value.

I do not claim to have invented these blueprints, most of them are originally shown to me by someone else, deep in a youtube video. This page is meant to be a centralized reference of useful blueprints.

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1Thumbnail of snap spline points to groundsnap spline points to ground2 years ago
0Thumbnail of Circular Progress Bar MaterialCircular Progress Bar Material2 years ago
0Thumbnail of Distortion Post Process with center and edge masksDistortion Post Process with center and edge masks2 years ago
0Thumbnail of load and save “settings” with functions in the game instanceload and save “settings” with functions in the game instance2 years ago
0Thumbnail of Portal Card: Fake VolumetricsPortal Card: Fake Volumetrics2 years ago
0Thumbnail of low-res 8-bit post filter shaderlow-res 8-bit post filter shader2 years ago
0Thumbnail of double-jump (or more) macrodouble-jump (or more) macro2 years ago