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2Thumbnail of Distance Fields Shoreline MaterialDistance Fields Shoreline Material1 month ago
0Thumbnail of Int to Text InterpreterInt to Text Interpreter2 month ago
0Thumbnail of POM Cracks Ice ShaderPOM Cracks Ice Shader11 month ago
0Thumbnail of Object Z Distance Gradient Material FunctionObject Z Distance Gradient Material Function11 month ago
0Thumbnail of MI UV Coordinate Index FunctionMI UV Coordinate Index Function1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Shoreline PanningShoreline Panning1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Rotate component to face surfaceRotate component to face surface1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Editor Procedural Tree SpawnerEditor Procedural Tree Spawner2 years ago
0Thumbnail of [Function] Tree Trace (First Person Character)[Function] Tree Trace (First Person Character)2 years ago
0Thumbnail of [Function] Overlap Checks[Function] Overlap Checks2 years ago
0Thumbnail of [Function] Random Location (Controlled)[Function] Random Location (Controlled)2 years ago
0Thumbnail of Runtime Procedural Tree SpawnerRuntime Procedural Tree Spawner2 years ago