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1Thumbnail of Unlock beards, hairstyles and emotesUnlock beards, hairstyles and emotes2 month ago
0Thumbnail of Healing PasteHealing Paste3 month ago
0Thumbnail of Dino and human mindwipeDino and human mindwipe6 month ago
1Thumbnail of Engram Unlocker with .iniEngram Unlocker with .ini8 month ago
1Thumbnail of Spawn randomized creature from arraySpawn randomized creature from array10 month ago
0Thumbnail of Bomb Dodo AoE dmg graphBomb Dodo AoE dmg graph1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Dino resurrectionDino resurrection1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Dino MindwipeDino Mindwipe1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Destroyed after time X for MalinjaDestroyed after time X for Malinja1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Hunter TargetingHunter Targeting1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Mutate dino colors On Rep Random Color func(part2)Mutate dino colors On Rep Random Color func(part2)1 years ago
1Thumbnail of Creative Mode buffCreative Mode buff1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Animated materialAnimated material1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Weapon dmg .iniWeapon dmg .ini1 years ago
0Thumbnail of Removes fall dmg on equippedRemoves fall dmg on equipped1 years ago